Why use IPV4 XI?

  • Speed; when you login and change pricing you may immediately sort an effect resulting in a transaction. If you list a price on a listing service most people don´t even see it let alone having any immediate effect. Circumstances can change overnight, a new large client may require you to buy space at short notice or a sudden need for liquidity could be an incentive to sell quickly at a slightly lower price.
  • Information; anyone listing on the exchange will be informed about pricing based on market indicators, real demand for IP space versus IP space offered.
  • Legal; Listing comes without any obligations. There are no contracts and no NDA´s to be signed. Only when a buyer and a seller agree on a price per block and wish to proceed with a transaction there will be a three party agreement.
  • Efficiency; Sending emails to everyone you can find on the list and going in to negotiations with each of them individually is very time consuming. To use IPV4 XI all you need to be certain about is your pricing. Be well informed.
  • Budgetary. If you need to add 15 to 20 percent commission to each transaction it is going to hurt somewhere. Either the seller needs to let go their IPs at a lower than market rate or the buyer pays more than necessary. IPV4 XI’s commission is only 3.5 percent to each participant.